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Human Penises Are Actually Pretty Big. Here's Why

You can all stop worrying about size, guys. Compared to our primate cousins, humans have the longest penis, a new video explains.

"We find little to worry about," evolutionary biologist Darren

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Spirituality :: Orisha Elegua - ArticleBiz.com

John Williams. She sat at the Lord's feet, listening to what he taught (Luke 10:39 NIV). .

Ayahuasca Tea or Ayahuasca brew which can be also popularly called Yaje or Vine of the Souls can be a wonder of the world which can be still being di read more...

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After raising four sons and being married twice, I pretty much thought I knew as much as there was to know, at least as much as any woman knows, about penises. I cannot even express to you the number of times in a day I would have to tell one of m read more...